About kasaTel

Founded as a startup by our shareholder Sascha Filz, kasaTel has experience in a wide variety of fields for well over 20 years due to the history of our employees. Since then, we have also maintained close business partnerships with various manufacturers, which we continue to expand.

Where telephony is to be provided, but no / insufficient technical prerequisites have been created - or security-relevant functionalities have to be introduced, we offer appropriate concepts with products from our manufacturer portfolio and their integration.

Our goal

is to maintain a SIMPLE and manageable portfolio consisting of INNOVATIVE products and technologies. For the end-user the technologies should be EASY to access, it doesn't matter if we address the area of telephony, UCC or data communication; besides the SIMPLICITY of course also the SECURITY is in the foreground.

We do not want to and will not offer our customers a wide range of products, but rather provide focused INNOVATIVE solutions, as well as support or operate them in the sense of the lifecycle in order to be well prepared for the future.

Our values

There are not many brilliant technicians on the market, those who are not yet, we promote individually - to be able to provide a professional service to you. Our goal is to maintain satisfied customers and long-term partnerships. Our guiding principles include transparency and appreciation - lived on both sides, our employees and customers.

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